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The New Girl is the first novel in R.L Stine's Fear Street series. It was published in 1989 and one of the earliest horror novels Stine wrote. The New Girl is one of the twelve Fear Street books to be reprinted (or re-released) in 2005.


Dying for a kiss

She's pale as a ghost, blonde, and eerily beautiful - and she seems to need him as much as he wants her. Cory Brooks hungers for Anna Corwin's kisses, drowns in her light blue eyes. He can't get her out of his mind. And the trouble has only begun: Shadyside High's star gymnast is losing sleep, skipping practice, and acting weird. All the guys have noticed, but only Cory's friend Lisa knows the truth: Anna Corwin is dead and living on Fear Street. Now Cory must explore its menacing darkness to discover the truth. He has already been warned: come to Fear Street and you're dead!


Cory falls in love with Anna, the new girl at school. The only problem is that he can't tell if she's not real: most of his friends have never seen her on campus, and she's not listed in the school's files. When he calls her family's home they are strange and evasive.

In desperation, Cory goes to Anna's house- located on Fear Street- and there her brother tells Cory that Anna is dead. But a few nights later, Anna calls him and asks him to meet her. Anna's long kisses convince Cory that his love object is alive.

Cory's friend Lisa finds, in her locker, a dead cat and a warning note on its neck. She suspects this was done by Anna. However, Cory stays loyal and protests. During prom night, Cory goes to the prom with Lisa. She is pushed down a flight of stairs by Anna's brother, Brad. However, Brad escapes after seeing that Lisa is okay.

Coupled with Anna's begging Cory for help, he now understands that Brad is behind all the trouble. Cory angrily travels to Anna's house to confront Brad soon after. He gets there and sees Anna and Brad fighting each other. It is revealed that Anna is actually Willa, Anna's sister. Willa killed Anna out of jealousy, following which she assumed Anna's identity Willa has told Cory that Brad is insane and possibly her sister's murderer, but Cory realizes it the other way round. Brad was always trying to just warn him away.

Cory and Brad manage to subdue "Anna" and call the police. The story has a very happy ending with Cory and his best friend.