Indiana Jones and the Curse of Horror Island is the first gamebook in Ballantine's Find Your Fate Adventure series, and the first book in the series to be written by R.L. Stine. It was first published in June 1984.


Will you and Indiana Jones uncover the secret of THE CURSE OF HORROR ISLAND?

It's your summer vacation. While your friends go to camp or travel with their families, you embark on an exciting journey with your cousin Indiana Jones, the great archaeologist, to the distant Coral Sea. You are bound for Horror Island in search of a priceless ebony idol. But legend has it that the island is cursed and many who got here never live to return! What will happen to you?

The danger begins before you even leave the New York harbor. And every step of the way, battling hostile natives and savage jungle animals, you decide what to do, which moves to make, as you FIND YOUR FATE!