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Fear Street Super Chiller is a spin-off of the teenage horror fiction series Fear Street and contained thirteen books published from 1991 to 1998.

The overall plots and story elements are near identical to its mainstream counterpart, however differentiating by their larger page count and being divided into "parts" which serves as the acts of the story. Aside from that, this series also distinguishable for covering more holidays (Christmas, Valentine's Day, New Year's Day) than Fear Street (Halloween) as well as having two sequels to the Fear Street: Cheerleaders mini-series.

Books in the Series

  1. Party Summer
  2. Silent Night
  3. Goodnight Kiss
  4. Broken Hearts
  5. Silent Night 2
  6. The Dead Lifeguard
  7. Cheerleaders: The New Evil
  8. Bad Moonlight
  9. The New Years Party
  10. Goodnight Kiss 2
  11. Silent Night 3
  12. High Tide
  13. Cheerleaders: The Evil Lives!