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Fear Street Part Three: 1666 is a American slasher film and the third installment of the Fear Street Film Trilogy, based off the Fear Street book series.[1]


While trying to return the hand, Deena has a vision of Sarah Fier in 1666. She's seeing the events through Sarah's eyes.

Sarah was a settler in a village known as Union in the year 1666, Union was the original settlement before it was divided into Sunnyvale and Shadyside. she and her brother Henry would help deliver new born piglets. The town is very religious. One night Sarah meets with Hannah miller, the daughter of Pastor Cyrus Miller, in the woods. While there, Sarah expresses her love for Hannah, and while Hannah thinks it's wrong, she has the same feelings, and they kiss. Unfortunately, their love is witnessed by Mad Thomas, who then accuses them of witchcraft, since during that time period, homosexuality was frowned upon. Later, she finds a spell book owned by a widow woman, who shuns her away.

Days later, all the food begins to become rotten, crops die, and the mother pig ate all of her piglets. Thomas believes that this is the work of the Devil. many townspeople have become suspicious of Sarah because of this. Sarah then fears that she unknowingly let the Devil take hold of her, but her friend Solomon Goode (descendant of Nick Goode) convinces her otherwise.

One evening, they find the church boarded up, Solomon breaks in, and finds Pastor Miller inside with his eyes missing, but still alive. Miller has murdered twelve children, including Sarah's brother Henry. Solomon then impaled Pastor Miller with a pitchfork, and the townspeople accuse Sarah of being a Witch, and she used the powers of Satan to possess Pastor Miller.

Hannah is imprisoned for being in love with Sarah. Sarah finds Hannah and tells her she's going to make a deal with the Devil to save them. She returns to the Widow's house, where she is found with her throat sliced and Sarah sees that the spell book is missing. She sees Solomon Goode for help, and he agrees to hide her.

Sarah finds a tunnel in Solomon's house and discovers a ritual room with Cyrus Miller's name on the wall. Solomon was the one who cursed the town by making a deal with the Devil. As Sarah tries to escape, Solomon chops off her hand, and he betrays her. Sarah is then found by the town and takes her to be hanged. Even though she was innocent, she still confesses in order to save Hannah. Before her death, she promises that one day, the Goode family will pay for what they have done.

Back in 1994, Deena tells Josh and Ziggy that Sarah Fier was innocent, and Nick Goode is the real antagonist, Nick was the one who made the undead killers rise so Sunnyvale can feed off of Shadyside's despair, and the Devil can feed off the blood of dead Shadysiders. Now they must kill Nick Goode to end the curse. A man named Martin joins Deena, Josh, and Ziggy on their plan to kill Nick since he arrested him for no reason.

They lure the undead killers using Deena's blood to the Shadyside mall and trapped them in the stores. They plan on releasing the killers on Nick so they can murder him. Nick enters the mall, and Ziggy pours a bucket of blood on him. The Skull Mask killer attacks Nick, but Nick escapes into the tunnels, Deena then follows him. Some blood gets on Ziggy and now the killers are after her. Josh then sprays all the killers in blood with a water gun and the killers start killing each other, but they soon come back to life after this. Ryan Torres the Skull Mask Killer, Tommy Slater the Camp Nightwing Killer, Ruby Lane, Harry Rooker the Milkman Killer, Billy Barker, and Issac Milton the Grifter surround Josh, Ziggy, and Martin.

In the tunnels, Deena gets attacked by a possessed Sam, she escapes from her and confronts Nick. He almost kills her, but Deena touches the Heart of Darkness, in doing so, Sarah Fier makes Nick see all the innocent people he's possessed and all the innocent people he's killed, and while in this state, Deena successfully kills Nick by stabbing him in the eye, finally ending the curse. The undead killers all vanish before they were able to murder Josh, Ziggy, and Martin. Sam becomes normal again since she wasn't undead, and her and Deena leave the tunnels.

The next day, Nick Goode is exposed for the Shadyside killings on the news and Sunnyvale now suffers. Back in Shadyside, Ziggy returns the diary to Nurse Lane, Martin gets a job selling music, Josh gets a new girlfriend, and Deena and Sam have a picnic near Sarah Fier's grave. Deena and Sam remember her by writing, Sarah Fier, The First Shadysider on a stone, and Deena and Sam share a kiss.

In a mid credits scene, an unknown person is seen taking the spell book.


  • The clash between the Fier family and the Goode family is similar to the story of the Fear Street Sagas trilogy, which consisted of The Betrayal, The Secret, and The Burning.