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Dangerous Girls: The Taste of Night is the sequel to Dangerous Girls by R.L. Stine.


The book opens with Livy's father about to impale her, but is having second thoughts, because he doesn't want to kill his own daughter.

flashback to graduation day, Destiny is excited for graduation and the all night party, she insists she goes to dance at the party, which she calls, shaking their asses.

Livy later meets another vampire named Patrick, and his plan is to make Destiny a vampire as well, at first Livy didn't want to, but then she went on with the plan.

Patrick and Destiny have a night out, but it turns out it was actually Livy, then Patrick threatens to kill her, luckily, Livy stabs Patrick in the head with a stake, and dies.

In the end, Livy says goodbye to Destiny and flies away, after Destiny saved her from her dad.

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