Bernie Bridges is the protagonist of R.L. Stine's Rotten School series. His debut was in the first book, The Big Blueberry Barf-Off!. The books are mainly seen through his perspective. According to the first book, he convinced the lunch lady that the Milky Way bar was a vegetable, got the coach to wedgies a school sport, and persuaded the Headmaster to make Game Boys a required school supply.


Bernie is a human fourth-grader residing at Rotten School in the dorm Rotten House. He enjoys throwing water balloons out the windows, which is the main reason he claimed the third floor. He has a bedroom to himself, cramming Feenman, Crench, and Belzer all in another room. He has trained Belzer to carry him places and do tasks for him, such as do his homework, wipe the sweat off his face, etc. He is in love with April-May June, even proclaiming her his girlfriend but not knowing it yet. He owns two pets: the mean-mouthed lucky parrot Lippy, and the unbearably flatulent bulldog Gassy which are first featured in the second book "The Great Smelling Bee". Bernie is always trying to escape from the clutches of Jennifer Ecch, but usually ends up caught by her.

Bernie has been proud of himself, proclaiming that he has the deepest dimples when he smiles and never letting his "Boys"(Feeman, Crench and Belzer) down. He is reckoned a troublemaker by all fourth grade teachers and their principal (Headmaster Upchuck) but still, he can always get himself out of trouble which is quite smart.


The most notable trait about Bernie Bridges it that he is conceited in the sense that he only respects himself and those he likes, and provides himself the advantage. He is also very relaxed in most situations, which allows him to think quickly when in trouble. His leadership is also strong, which makes him the sustainable leader of their dorm "Rotten House".

The bossy thing about him is that he doesn't share his dorm room with others saying that he has to think and scheme.


  • His name sounds like, Burning Bridges.
  • Bernie some what resembles R.L. Stine.